Silent Music

A film by

Adib Ghorbani

Silent Music is a collection of four short films showing an artist who is trying to make a film about a prison massacre. Silent Music depicts artist suppression and censorship by the combination of surreal and real sonic/visual elements. Silence is the principal theme that appears musically, theatrically, and conceptually. The primary musical instrument used is a small hand-worn motion sensor that tracks the movements of the performer, and creates the required sounds in real-time as well as playing the grand piano remotely.

Adib Ghorbani

Pianist | Composer | Actor | Director | Filmmaker | Electronic musician | Producer | Writer | Educator

Adib Ghorbani is an Iranian pianist, composer, filmmaker, actor, and director based in the United States. After earning a Bachelor's degree in classical piano performance and a Master's in music composition, Adib leaves his country, Iran, for the United States to pursue his studies as a Ph.D. student in the ICIT program (Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and technology) at UC Irvine. Adib’s unique multidisciplinary style is known as Silent Music or Electro-musical Mime. Silent Music is an integration of physicial theater, live music performance, sound design, film, and motion sensor technology. Adib’s works span a wide variety of other genres, such as theatrical music, film, sound design, opera, contemporary music, experimental music, podcasts, and free improvisation.

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